When you make time and put in the effort, the results of an erotic massage will be phenomenal. Contrary to belief, an erotic massage doesn’t have to focus purely on the genitals. The key is to pay attention to their whole body, slowly building anticipation to take your overall intimate moment from a quick encounter to a long and sensual experience. It is a great chance to build romance and connection physically and emotionally, and a great way to explore a partner’s body and find out exactly what they like and where. If you’re ready to indulge in the ultimate foreplay, here are some top tips on giving your partner a relaxing, intimate massage that will leave them begging for more:

Set the mood

Comfort is key here, you really want to take your partner away from any stress or worry they may be facing and make sure they are fully relaxed. Dim the lights, put on some calming background music and light your favourite scented candles (we recommend Bijoux Indiscrete Sensations Massage Candle which you can even drizzle onto the skin). A peaceful atmosphere will ensure your partner can simply focus on the mind-blowing sensations you are giving them.

Pick your potion

There are many different styles of massage lotion to pick from, however we recommend a water based oil such as Fifty Shades of Grey Sensual Touch Massage Oil, which glides through your hands and is suitable for both massage and intimate play. Lubrication is key before going to town on those tight muscles – and never make the mistake of squeezing cold oil or lotion onto your partner’s skin, unless you want to do the complete opposite of relaxing them.

Try different techniques

Everything is ready now, so make sure to get your techniques right to make your partner surrender to your touch. Let your partner decide whether to begin on their back or front, and let them know they can roll over at any point.
  • The first few touches should be long, lingering and purposeful – whilst applying the massage oil to their body and making sure the skin is warmed up.
  • Then try a Swedish massage technique called ‘effleurage’ – long, slow strokes that can be used across the body. Keep fingers together and use the whole of your hand to move from the bottom of the body upwards towards the heart, then a softer, gentler touch as you loop back around.
  • A great one for connecting with your partner is using ‘compression’ – lay your hands on an area of their body and push down to help relax the muscle before a deeper massage technique (like kneading). This works well on larger areas like the back or the bottom, but not the stomach or kidney area.
  • To really get in deep and loosen up their muscles, ‘kneading’ fleshy areas using your thumbs and the palms of your hands are a good way to start. Grasp the skin, lift it, and roll it, firm as to really help get the blood flowing.


As well as checking in with your partner from time to time to make sure that the pressure is right for them, during the massage is an ideal time to reflect on how you feel about your partner. If you’re enjoying their skin under your hands, tell them. Emphasise important things such as how much you love their body, how much they matter to you, and what you want to do to/with them.


If both parties feel successfully aroused and connected following a sensual massage experience, you will be aching for a deeper physical touch. When the mood feels right, it could be time to take your massage up a notch. Let your hands wander over more of their intimate erogenous zones, gently pinching and rubbing areas that will make them squirm until you both can’t wait. Go at your own pace and turn your erotic massage into lovemaking and a mutual orgasmic experience. Hopefully you are now ready to bring some much needed sensual sensations to your own bedroom, and if you want to become even more of an expert, we recommend investing in a massage book, for plenty of good tips and ideas.