For a lot (most) of us, first dates in general are nerve-wracking, but they can be even more daunting if you are going on a blind date. If your friend has decided they know the perfect partner for you, you might be torn between utter dread and slight excitement. If you decide that you will never know unless you go for it, there are a few things to consider:

Choose a good activity

When planning your blind date, gage their interests (either via social media and texting, or speaking to your match maker) and find something new and interesting for both of you.

Whether you decide that the typical meal out is what you both want, or you want to mix it up slightly with a picnic, or choose something different like bowling, be sure to choose something that makes you both feel comfortable and allows you to relax.

Meeting in a public place is advisable, as let’s be frank, you are meeting a stranger. It allows you to have a bit more control, and you get the freedom of driving yourself to and from the meeting point at your own will. If there are other people around, it will also be easier to disengage yourself from the date, if it really goes terribly.


Whilst there is no need to spend hours fretting, a little preparation can help to calm your nerves. Firstly, think positively and keep reminding yourself of your best qualities, and even give yourself a pamper the night before to help you feel great and relaxed.

Plan your journey in advance so that you can get there in good time and not be worrying about going the wrong way when you are already feeling anxious on the day.

Dress comfortably

To avoid constantly pulling your shirt up or nearly falling over on cobble stones in shoes that are too high, choose clothes that are appropriate for the date.

Studies have shown that black makes us feel confident on a first date, so if you are feeling indecisive, black might just make you feel good about yourself and help your emote confidence.

Put something on that you are comfortable in, like, and maybe even something that shows off or expresses an element of your personality.

Smile and make conversation

We commonly form an impression of somebody within the first four minutes of meeting them, so remember to smile and appear friendly, even if inside you are feeling incredibly nervous.

It is important to seem interested in what the other person has to say, and it goes without saying that conversation is a pivotal point of the date. A survey from last year found that 75% of daters found answering your phone during a date is a turn off, and more than half don’t even want to see your phone face up on the table.

The whole point of the date is to get to know somebody you have never met, so really there should be lots to talk about. Start by introducing yourself, telling them a few details about yourself such as hobbies and what you do for work, and allow them the chance to do the same.

Try not to dominate the conversation and do allow the odd silence to give them the opportunity to ask you a question, and hopefully the conversation will be fluid and fun.

Be authentic

It is crucial to be yourself and not try to change who you are to accommodate what you think your date would be more interested in. If you allow yourself to be the real you then the second date will be because they like you.

End the date by telling your date that you enjoyed meeting them, but if you don’t plan on ever seeing them again, avoid the old cliché’s of “I’ll call you” or “See you soon.” It is kinder, if they ask or you feel necessary, to word it like “I think we really get on, but I’m feeling it is more of a friend vibe – do you feel the same?”

If however the date has gone so well that you desperately want them to meet your parents and book a holiday straight away, you are free to follow your own path and rules as long as you are safe and true to yourself. Go with your gut!