They do say that nobody else can love you unless you first love yourself, yet when it comes to masturbation, everyone has their own opinion.

Masturbation can sometimes be a household taboo, and can mean that people don’t ask the right questions and are left wondering if that old wives tale could actually be true!

If you sometimes find it difficult separate the facts from the fiction you frequently hear, we are here to help, and below we reveal six common myths, and why they simply aren’t true:


We always hear that “Everyone is doing it, just not everyone talks about it!” but there are also people who don’t talk about not doing it! Whether you are doing it or not doing it, that’s fine.

In a recent study by the Kinsey Institute out of 5,865 Americans, depending on age, 67 – 94 percent of men have masturbated, and 43 to 85 percent of women.

Masturbation might be your hidden pleasure, or it might be something you’ve never been interested in. We don’t all like marmite, but that’s OK – we don’t all have to eat it.

Your sexuality does not change when you meet a partner, and enjoying your routine of masturbation to relieve stress and boost your libido doesn’t need to come to a halt if you don’t want it to.

Aside from feeling jealous or left out, your partner should appreciate that this is an aspect of your individuality and nothing to do with how much you enjoy sex with them.

Sometimes they won’t be around, they won’t be in the mood, or maybe you just fancy it – there is no need for guilt.

Introducing it into the bedroom could be a good idea, to show your partner what you enjoy and what turns you on, and you can both learn from each other’s masturbatory habits.

Your genitals are stronger than you think – ladies lower regions are designed to push out human life, let’s not forget, that is their biological purpose.

If you are worried about sensitivity or rubbing, try a lubricant for added pleasure and ease, such as the Lubido Paraben Free Water Based Lubricant.

Some people worry that too much masturbation will lower your craving for the real deal, yet masturbating isn’t going to ‘use up’ your libido – it is likely to improve it!

There is no limit on the number of orgasms you can have, and using vibrators frequently will not change a woman’s ability to enjoy stimulation from intercourse.

Including vibrators such as the Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser during intercourse could help women who have trouble achieving orgasm through intercourse alone – so they could actually improve partner sex.

Most people have a primal desire for human touch and sex, which cannot be replaced by your own hand or a sex toy.

There are many superstitions, such as: “You will go blind”, “You will get hairy palms”, and “You will get acne”… the list goes on, yet they were undoubtedly created to shame or prevent people from masturbating in the past.

Nowadays, we know that there are proven health benefits from self-love, including stress relief, mood boosting, and general better health, (and you cannot catch an STD from yourself!)

The release of oxytocin we experience when we orgasm is great for our mental health and ideal when you need to destress after a long day.

People often worry that masturbating will make you infertile (men in particular) yet this is simply not true. Men start producing sperm during puberty, and carry on doing so for a long time, regardless of whether they masturbate or not.

Men who masturbate a lot may find they have a lower level of sperm per ejaculation, yet this does not mean it will run out or that he will become infertile. Generally, masturbation impacts a man’s fertility for a couple of hours after release.


Also, while we are here: masturbating does not mean you are no longer a virgin, and cannot make you pregnant. If you are looking to relieve stress and potentially improve your sex with your partner, solo experimentation is safe, and ultimately, fun!