From sexy lingerie, candles and rose petals, each couple celebrates their wedding night differently – and some people like to spice things up on their most romantic night with the use of sex toys.

While the world watched in awe as Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot, even the Dean of Windsor spoke about the importance of a ‘sexual union’ during the nuptials.

David Conner told the crowd: “The gift of marriage brings husband and wife together in the delight and tenderness of sexual union and joyful commitment to the end of their lives.”

Sadly, many couples confess they don’t have sex on their wedding night. Often that is because the couples are too tired after such a long day.

However, according to a study carried out by Markettiers of 1,000 married Brits about their bedroom preferences, it has been revealed that 10% of Brits get kinky and bring sex toys into the bedroom on their wedding night.

44% of those surveyed admitted that they regularly use sex toys with their partner, which is why Sex Columnist Ema Gauthier says: “It’s shocking to us that so few couples use sex toys on their wedding night.

The fact that the percentage of people that use them on a bog standard Wednesday is more than six times that of those that use them on the most romantic night of their lives is baffling!”

What can you add to your wedding night to turn up the heat?


If you want your evening to sensual and friction free, grab a bottle of lubricant before the big day. It can double as a massage oil, if you want to work out some tension from the wonderful yet stressful day.


Candles can be the perfect day to create a romantic ambience and set the mood for some seriously special love making.


Add something extra saucy to your wedding night festivities, by picking out the perfect wedding night lingerie. They will add to the erotic moment and make for some seriously hot memories of the night.

Sex Toys

Whether you are beginners or experienced sex toy users, having the right tools on hand can really up the ante on your special night, adding to your pleasure. Sex toys for couples can offer you both shared sensations (and hopefully shared orgasms) and let’s face it, what more do you want after uniting as one on the biggest day of your lives?