For many men, the thought of buying their partner lingerie can cause them to be fraught with worry about getting it right, but really, as long as you have put in some light research and tried your best, any woman would be thrilled with your thoughtful gift.

The gift of lingerie is a great one, letting your partner know how sexy you find her, and giving her a much deserved confidence boost.

If you are buying her something sexy for the first time, here are some tips on how to make sure you get it just right:


Measure her up

Getting the right size is vital, and it couldn’t be easier than looking in her underwear drawer. Problem solved… and knowing her size will impress your girlfriend. You will learn that women can have dramatically different top and lower half measurements, and it isn’t really something to be estimated.


Think about her style

When thinking about what styles your partner likes, you can again look in her drawer and check what she already has, for an idea of brands, colours and materials she currently wears.

However, some women only focus on buying practical underwear for themselves, so buying something a little more beautiful but still in like with her taste is fine.

Think about what suits her personality and figure as well: Does she look incredible in a suspender belt and stockings, or smoking hot in PVC? It all boils down to personal preference and a little keen observation.


Present it well

Most girls will get very excited at the sight of a gift bag on the table after they arrive home from a busy day, or even in bed with a cup of tea on a weekend morning, but whatever you do, don’t give your partner lingerie at a restaurant where there are other people around. It should be a personal offering.


Remember that although the lingerie you choose will benefit both of you, she needs to feel sexy in it, and it is important to think more about her needs and likes than your own when buying her lingerie.


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