Buying your partner a sex toy really shows just how irresistible they are to you, how much you want to please them, and reveals a kinky and fun side of your personality. If the only vibrating object she currently has is an electric toothbrush, you might want to take the time to approach the subject before heading straight to the shopping basket.


Why buy her a sex toy?

There are many reasons men opt to buy their partner a sex toy. Perhaps your girlfriend has trouble reaching orgasm, which is a common issue. Many women struggle to achieve orgasm through intercourse (or at all), with many requiring copious amounts of clitoral stimulation, and a more powerful buzz from a sex toy could be what she needs.

Maybe she has mentioned something during pillow talk and you wish to surprise her with a thoughtful gift (what gift is better than sexual gratification?) and show her that you listen.

Or perhaps you have been together a while and simply want to spice things up in the bedroom with a sex toy that could benefit the both of you.


How to approach it:


What you can try:

Toys for couples

Well they do say that couples who play together, stay together. View LoveWoo’s top sex toys for couples when you fancy both experiencing additional pleasure:

Sex toys for her

Whether you want to use the toy on her, watch her using it or simply leave her to her own sex toy haven in privacy, click here to view LoveWoo’s sex toys for women.


Many people think bringing a sex toy into bed means something is lacking between the sheets, which is not necessarily true at all. If something is lacking and you are making conscious steps to tackle it – that is nothing to be ashamed about, and shows how much you care about your partner.

However, often sex toys are introduced into the bedroom when sex is so good, you can’t imagine what would improve it, which is where the whole wealth of sex toys available on the market could really come in handy.

Expressing your desires for her to be sexually confident and liberated should positively impact on both of your sex lives.