Although men sometimes suffer from the illusion that condoms are one size fits all, just like penises come in many different sizes, condoms can come in many different sizes, thicknesses and flavours.

It can be helpful to shop around and experiment with different types to see what suits you instead of settling for what you’ve always used, as often this kind of thing isn’t really talked about when you first start having sex!

If you want to spice up your sex life without taking a risk, here is what to think about before buying condoms:


Do you really know what size to get? If a condom is too small and is tight on the wearer, it could split, and if it’s too big it may slide off – neither achieving their goal. Your condom size must be based on the size of your erect penis, which can be measured with a ruler from your pubic bone to the tip. The condom should completely cover your penis, and have some space at the tip to catch the ejaculate.


The thinner the condom, the more sensation, and a pleasure closer to a condom-free feel, yet even the extra thin condoms have passed rigorous testing, so you can feel confident they will protect you. However some people still feel safer and reassured with a thicker condom.


Flavoured condoms are for use during oral sex, so the person performing the act enjoys the taste (there are many types to try – even bacon) and protects themselves from unwanted STI’s at the same time.


Ribbed condoms are commonly thicker than the usual style, but contain external ridges and bumps and ergonomic shaping which is designed specifically to give the wearers partner heightened pleasure, and hopefully a bigger, better orgasm.


Once you have a better idea of condoms you like, you may want to begin experimenting with condoms made from different materials, such as latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene, and lambskin. Some brands even have special lubricants that heighten sensitivity and pleasure.