Buying your first sex toy is always a bit daunting, however using sex toys should open your eyes to new exciting possibilities and help you discover much more about yourself. Often insecurities overshadow our urge to experiment with sex toys, yet: it doesn’t represent a failing relationship, your mother isn’t going to know what that discreet package is, and if you don’t like it, what do you have to lose other than a small amount of money? If ultimately you wonder if you’re missing out, and curiosity has simply gotten the best of you, it could be time to seek out some battery powered satisfaction. However, before you reach for your credit card, consider a few things:

What is it for?

It is impossible to find a sex toy that does everything. Think about what aspect of sex you enjoy/need help with. If you struggle to orgasm through penetration alone it could be time to put the focus on your clitoris by buying a bullet vibrator such as Fifty Shades of Grey We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet. If you find that your partner is near perfect yet his penis isn’t quite large enough, you could buy a penis extender, such as the Performance Cock Sheath 9 Inch Penis Extender. If you actually don’t know what you like or need just yet, it could be helpful to begin with good old fashioned hand stimulation until you have a better idea.  

Who is it for?

Sex toys are no longer just for women, or to treat ‘hysteria’ in women, which they were in the 1800s. They can be enjoyed by men, and couples alike. Vibrating cock rings such as the Nexus Enduro Plus Thick Super Stretchy Cock Ring for example, enhance a man’s erection whilst creating delicious vibrations for her. They can be used during solo play or as part of regular sex between couples (well, your hands can’t be in all places at once).

What size and material do you want?

It may be common sense, but a newbie to the sex toy scene should probably start small, or at least not HUGE. Steer clear of materials that have given you bad reactions in the past, and consider whether you want a realistic skin like feel to your sex toy, or you would like it look pretty and nothing like its prototype. Smooth, ribbed, covered in bumps, sex toys are often made from silicone, jelly, glass, and even metal and wood.

What is your budget?

An inexpensive toy can often become a ‘failsafe’ or favourite, and be just an enjoyable as a luxury toy. If you are not sure what you like, it might be better to start off with a basic yet much loved sex toy such as a rabbit vibrator like the Beginners Rabbit Vibrator, and once you know what you want you can begin to buy more high end sex toys, which will last you ages and are often less wasteful.

Have you considered lubrication?

Sure, you can get moist naturally, yet there is no shame in needing a helping hand with lubrication when it comes to sex toys. Sex toys such as dildo’s may not glide as smoothly as a real penis, and to avoid a rough, uncomfortable sensation, it is better to be well prepared. A water-based lubricant such as AstroGlide Natural Lubricant, can be used with all toys and will certainly help to ease any first time sex toy nerves. Hopefully, the above guide will inspire you to try out a sex toy for yourself. Remember that they can stimulate and penetrate many different parts of your body, and there is no one size fits all. Discover where you would like to begin, and experiment gradually – the possibilities are endless.