Even in the age of 50 Shades of Grey, and with sex toy retail at an all-time high, female masturbation is still rarely discussed. OMGYes, a new liberating website, is working towards tackling the female sexual taboo.

Renowned feminist Emma Watson has even endorsed the website, which she feels is a great democratiser in sexual education across cultural boundaries.

Emma has revealed that she loves using OMGYes, and praises the diverse range of women, varying in race, age, and sexual preference, who divulge their masturbation techniques such as orbiting, edging, rhythm, staging, and hinting.

OMGYes features videos, tips, and interactive digital vulva’s, all in the name of exploring, explaining and understanding the functions of pleasure within the female anatomy.

It is targeted at women who fear they don’t know bodies as well as they should, and who want to explore their own orgasm potential, or achieve what is currently unattainable.

It is also aimed at couples who wish to improve their sex lives, men, and basically anyone who is over the age of 18 and who can spare about £20.

A study by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour interviewed 1,931 Americans aged between 18 and 59, and revealed that 91% of males claimed to have climaxed in their last sexual encounter, compared to only 64% of women.

The research behind the Web app was conducted by interviewing 2000 women regarding sexual pleasure and orgasm. They were asked intimate questions about where and how they like to be touched, do you like this? What patterns and pressures? How does it vary? What kind of rhythm?

Comedic, brave volunteers have shared videos and tips in order to teach women how to enjoy masturbation, and to give couples a whole host of female-pleasure techniques to try together.

There are also state-of-the-art interactive programmes that allow you to practice pleasuring a vulva, with real-time feedback from your iPhone regarding how well you are doing! The feedback is actually coming from a participant whose voice, response pattern and feedback was programmed in.

Lydia Daniller, co-founder of OMGYes, said that the women in the videos are not actors, but real people who want to set the record straight about how people actually experience pleasure, and who are inspired by their personal experiences.

Sadly, female masturbation is often only discussed in relation to male’s enjoyment, yet that is simply not its purpose, and though it often makes both males and females uncomfortable to discuss as it is so taboo, more and more discussions are taking place nowadays.

The first season on OMGYes has so far focused on external stimulation, and the mechanical aspects of reaching climax, yet the company has revealed that this is only season one, and other seasons will focus more on other topics such as penetrative stimulation.

“The response was overwhelming. Which goes to show how ready women are for this topic to be out in the open,” said Daniller. So will this new step towards female solo play liberation be a contributing factor to closing the orgasm gap in females? Let’s hope so!