Handcuffs for many couples are seen as a very sexy addition to the bedroom, and a huge factor is that they enable one partner to lose control, and one to gain it, which many find sexy and appealing.

Handcuffs and anklecuffs can spice up even the most basic of sex positions, and for many are a key introduction to the world of bdsm.

Nowadays, our lives are full of stresses, and if you’re someone always in control and on the ball, a fantasy of yours might be the idea of losing control in the bedroom.

The same applies for those who have a passive lifestyle day to day and wish to act out the role of a dominant person in the bedroom, who finds calling the shots an huge turn on.

The first thing to remember is that with the use of handcuffs, it is bondage play, and rules apply, such as you need consent, need to do this with someone you trust, and it is best practice to agree on a ‘safe word’ before you begin play.

So you’ve got the cuffs but if it’s a case of all the gear and no idea, or you simply want a few extra tips, read on to discover some potential cuff ideas you can use:


Teasing foreplay

You can incorporate handcuffs here either with or without any physical contact. You could cuff your partner and tease them with feathers or a vibrator, making them squirm and really turning them on when they cannot move or reciprocate.

For the ultimate tease, try a look without touch method, handcuffing your partner’s hands together and doing a striptease, taking a long playful shower, even masturbating, until you’re ready to have sex or let them join in.

Missionary with a twist

People like missionary because there is close contact and you can look at your partner and see how turned on they are. That full, face to face intimacy can be utilised with handcuffs too.

If you want to add a touch of power play to this position, simply place her hands over her head and bind them together, allowing her to get a feeling of being ravished, while he enjoys the power and control he gets from her immobility.

Two peas in a pod

One great way to feel close to your partner is to literally become attached to them. A great way to bond, you two can also get frisky and experiment with positions while your wrists or ankles are connected, and as you’ll be restricted, it will surely be a fun challenge.

Getting wet

Many couples enjoy shower sex, or sex anywhere there is water – think spa, bath, Jacuzzi, and adding handcuffs can really get the session even steamier.

Some handcuffs have even been made with suction cups, which are water resistant (and on that note, can even be used on most porous surfaces, like glass, cars and wood). They can be placed around the ankles or wrists for safe sex in water.

With an extra something to hold on to but no option to move their hands, the submissive here will enjoy whatever positions and sex acts the dominant desires, and there is lots of room to get creative.

Al fresco

The use of handcuffs does not need to be restricted to the bedroom, and you might like taking things outside (without getting caught) or simply moving around your house.

Think stairs, doors, to a low hanging tree branch. Safety is key, but sometimes the idea of getting caught can be a turn on for couples desiring hot sex.

Role play

You might find that breaking out the handcuffs without context is strange at first, which is why many couples opt for roleplay, think: “Am I under arrest, officer?”

There are endless possibilities for role play and kink scenarios, which are sure to give your sex life a boost and really set the tone for some fun. You just need to decide who is the dirty cop and who is the horny criminal!