It can sometimes feel hard to fit sex and intimacy into our busy working weeks, and by the time night time comes, it can feel more tempting to relax and watch TV or read than undertake another physical activity – no matter how good it could be.

For this reason, and others, a lot of couples opt to have morning sex, as a great way to feel closer to your partner and start the day with a boost! Read below to find out why it can be great, and how to make it work for you:


Stop hitting snooze

Those extra minutes where you hit the snooze button can simply make you dread getting up more, and any sleep you get between those beeps is minimal and disrupted, which can cause you to be groggy anyway – SO why not engage in some morning coitus?


Feel closer

Sex at any time of the day brings couples closer, yet having sex before you leave each other for the day can be the perfect start to your day and can leave you with warm feelings for your partner.

Even if sex doesn’t feel appealing (maybe you’re tired or think you have bad breath), if you proceed chances are you will feel relaxed, better and more connected to yourself and partner after it.


Make use of morning glory

Some men face erectile and orgasmic challenges, however a lot of men also wake up with an erection, dubbed ‘morning glory’, and men often report that their erections feel stronger in the morning, meaning that they can last longer.


Get clean and dirty at the same time

Shower sex means easy clean-up, and if you join your partner for a shower in the morning you are killing two birds with one stone. Get steamy, get clean, and then even brush your teeth together and carry on enjoying each other’s company.


Go at your own pace

After not snoozing your alarm several times, you can relish the extra time you have and enjoy it. Slow down and enjoy the benefits, or if you prefer, have quick sex. Morning sex can often be of a shorter duration as it feels more spontaneous, making it feel sexy and interesting.


Embrace your imperfections

Let’s face it, when we wake up we might have half open eyes, bed hair, drool down our chins, and have seriously bad breath. However, our partner loves us in every state, and having sex at this stage of the day is great for your confidence and reaffirming that you truly embrace each other.

It can be a good idea for some couples to schedule morning sex in, however when you wake up you might not always be in the mood, but this time can still be used to enjoy each other’s company and share intimacy.

You two can decide what kind of morning sex you’d enjoy, from sleepy spooning or a ‘quickie’, and if your biggest worries are the typical morning issues we all face, be sure to keep a supply of lube, baby wipes and mints next to the bed, so you can freshen up if you so desire.