‘La petite mort’ is a French idiom for orgasm, meaning ‘the little death’, referring to the relaxed, transcendent state following orgasm. Not only do they feel good, luckily for us, the little death can be a stress killer, too.

Science proves experiencing an orgasm reduces stress levels for many women, due to the orgasms ability to improve the mood, lower blood pressure, and release tension. Masturbation and sex allows you focus on one thing, which can help you to relax, and can take a person’s mind off stressful situations.

Often when we are stressed we crave some alone time, and what better to fill this space and tranquillity than with some self-love. A little time alone can go a long way when you decide to engage in healthy masturbation, and it can certainly help relieve those stressful feelings as it helps you relax. Endorphins released during any kind of sexual activity give us a sense of well-being.

It all starts in our brain.  Sexologist Beverley Whipple, author of The Orgasms Answer Guide, said: “When a person experiences orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is released from nerve cells in the hypothalamus (a region in the brain) into the bloodstream.”

Oxytocin helps people feel warm and fuzzy and makes you feel sociable, content, safe and relaxed. The release also induces feelings of optimism, increased self-esteem, and trust.

A happy, healthy sexual relationship can be a stress buster in itself, yet frequent orgasms are also a sure-fire way to wave good bye to stress. Whipple explained that “orgasmic pleasure in a mutually loving relationship can benefit the mental health of the partners.”

What if you’re too stressed to even make love and reach that longed for orgasm? When stress builds off, sometimes our libido is affected, and sex and play is the last thing on our minds, yet there are other out of the bedroom techniques that may help you get back on track: