Anal Beads

Anal Beads

Here at LoveWoo, we cater for beginners and pleasure pros alike. LoveWoo boasts a variety of anal beads to cater to every preference. Beads are available in a selection of colours, sizes, materials and lengths for you to choose. Solo and Couple beads available. Insert during sex or masturbation and remove at the point of orgasm for an intense climax.

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are the perfect introduction to anal play, multiple spheres or balls make up a chain that can be inserted for maximum anal pleasure. The chains usually consist of beads from 4 to 10, but you can choose the length of what suits you or your other half. For a softer feel, take a look at the range of silicone beads. Or for a more adventurous time, why not try larger balls or a heavy metal anal bead set. Try removing at different speeds to find your desired effect. They can also be referred to as sex beads, love beads or butt beads, but they all do the same job, is it time for you to have a try?

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