Mini Vibrators

Mini vibrators at LoveWoo are a great choice for women who want small, discreet and portable, yet powerful vibrations to create intense orgasms. They’re mini in life, mini in price and massive in vibration power.

A woman’s new best friend, the discreet yet powerful mini vibrators are the ultimate way to enjoy play during the most daring environments or when you simply can’t risk a standard sized toy. Don’t sacrifice pleasure with a mini vibrator, they are available in the best materials, many different textures, grooves and bumps to get maximum pleasure and sensation. Use your new toy with some lubrication to improve the stimulation from the vibration power.

The Best Bullet Vibrators

What’s that famous saying about being small and mighty? We’re not talking about David and Goliath here though, we’re taking about vibrators. In particular, the might bullet vibrator. Discreet enough to hide in your bedside table or in your hand luggage, but vibrates hard enough to get you off. There are so many brands and styles to choose from but which bullet vibrator is the best? Sort by Popularity and find out!

What is a bullet vibrator?

Named after its typical bullet shape, the bullet vibrator is usually a battery operated small device, originally designed and marketed towards the female market; the little bullet has come a long way in the 21st century. Bullets can be used for masturbation or for stimulation to erogenous zones like the clitoris during foreplay.

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