There is a lot of speculation about when male and female’s sexual peaks are generally reached, but one thing is for sure, good sex is not just for the millennials.

According to the work by Dr Kinsey of the Kinsey Institute in the 1950s, a women’s peak was thought to be in her late 30s, and a male was supposed to have reached his apex at the considerably younger age of 18 and 19.

It is now thought that there might be no peak at all, and that men and women could peak sexually at any time in their lives, though women often go through a reborn discovery of their sex life at an older age.

Here are some reasons why age is just a number when it comes to getting yours:

You become more confident with age

The Stir polled 2000 people and reported that confidence was the key to increased sexual enjoyment. This is down to becoming surer of ourselves as we get older, and feeling more pride in our looks and personality.

Tara Saglio, a couples’ counsellor, said: “By the time they’re older, people have usually come to terms with many of their insecurities about body image.”

Confidence also enables people to communicate their desires and sexual needs to their partners easier. The older you get, the more you realise that your partner is not a mind reader, and the best way to get more of what feels good is to ask.

With a sense of confidence, the older generation can also expect to enjoy partaking in adventurous sexual activities. A study by Health Plus magazine found that older people were more adventurous, with 89% of women admitting to liking various positions and locations.

Those surveys were over 45 years, and the majority admitted that sex was better in their 40s than it had been in their 20s.

Practice makes perfect

From a fumble by the bike shed, to plenty of dirty weekends, experience grows from every sexual experience. Perhaps sex gets better with age because we have had plenty of time to perfect it.

When you know what you like, and how to pleasure yourself due to a greater understanding of your body, sex could continuously get better and better.

Older women have a better chance of orgasming

The female orgasm is another hot and somewhat misunderstood topic in sex, with many women unable to orgasm during intercourse, or altogether. It has however come to light that achieving orgasm becomes easier with age.

A survey by OkCupid in 2011 found that women in their early 20s had a 40% chance of having difficulty reaching an orgasm, whereas that percentage dropped to 20% for women in their 40s.

According to a study by the University of Indiana, 61% of women aged 18-24 experienced orgasm the last time they had sex, 65% of women in their 30s, and 70% of women in their 40s and 50s.

This all signifies that older people who have sex are doing something right, and enjoying the neurochemical that is oxytocin – which release happy hormones and can even relieve pain.

Married sex means better sex

This obviously applies to unmarried, long term couples too, yet the premise is that if you have been with someone for a long time, you will know what turns you both on. There is likely a strong bond and sense of trust, leading to sensual lovemaking.

There is no need to rush sex as you get older, and you can appreciate both the physical lust side of sex, as well as emotional closeness, and together acquire the necessary skills to perfect an amazing love life.


A survey by Illicit Encounters of 828 Brits found that 37% of women and 34% of men revealed the best age to have sex is in fact in your 40s.

Sex isn’t like the movies, and everybody’s experience of it will be different, but it is refreshing to learn that the fun doesn’t stop after your 20s – and if you are in your 20s and not feeling fulfilled, there is still plenty of time.