Taking your new or favourite sex toys on holiday could be a fantastic way of truly enjoying your time off, and whether flying solo or with a partner, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy some overseas fun. However, figuring out how to travel with your sex toys can feel like a serious hassle.

So if you fancy packing some extra pleasure, but do not fancy parading them in front of curious onlookers at the security gate, here are some tips for taking your toys away successfully:


Beware of country laws

To avoid getting your much loved sex toys confiscated, or worse, finding yourself locked up – it is vital to do your research surrounding the country you are entering, as in some countries, sex toys are straight up illegal.

Sex toys being brought into the country is banned in Thailand, Saudi Arabia and the Maldives among others. We recommend keeping yourself informed about the laws as they can be changed or enforced at any time.

Store it right

Packed luggage is your best bet for packing your sex toys, as it will get screened, but if it’s opened, you will not be in a public space and this avoids any unwanted attention or embarrassment.

Pack your toy in a way that makes it easily identifiable, for example in its original casing, so that if a guard goes through your case they can immediately recognise what it is.

Alternatively, you may wish to store it in a clear plastic bag, so that the person searching your bag can see what the item is without necessarily needing to handle it.

Reduce the buzz

One thing that you can do to prevent your toy buzzing around in the overhead compartment (if you aren’t checking in a bag and that is your only option!) is to choose a toy with a travel lock.

If your toy is battery powered, remove the batteries before you travel.

Small and discreet

Smaller items are less likely to cause a stir, and with the amount of sex toys on the market that don’t even look like sex toys, you may appreciate a powerful, orgasm-inducing vibrator that actually looks exactly like a lipstick.

Cock rings are an item that take up hardly any space in your luggage, and you could also pack it between other items to ensure it is even more discreet.

Some bondage items may be mistaken for a weapon (think handcuffs and whips) so it is advisable to be creative when thinking about bondage abroad, and make do with scarves and ties.


So as you can see, if you cannot bare to part from your trusty sex toy when you head on holiday, and your toy deserves just as much space as all of your other luxuries, there are ways to help ensure smooth transit, and remember, airport staff see all manner of sex toys through their scanners every single day.