You might think you have been pretty sexually adventurous in your life so far, and maybe you have – but in case you haven’t ticked all of the weird place boxes just yet, LoveWoo are at hand to outline so bizarre locales for you to add to your own bonking bucket list:


It depends what kind of igloo you can attain really. Are you going to be shacked up with a view of falling snowflakes and the Northern lights, with a heater and a furry throw? If so, you are bound to get cosy and have one magical night… However if you are not so lucky, you may find that sticks and twigs end up in all crevices, and you are shivering throughout highly uncomfortable, unsexy sex. The key is to plan ahead and make it something special.


The allure of outdoors, in the woods sex is being surrounded by nature and feeling out of touch with civilisation. This can be both risky, as someone (or thing) could show up at any moment, yet if you want to be in touch with nature and have sex outside of four walls, the thrill of woods sex may be just up your path.


Many people feel uncomfortable even thinking about making love in a graveyard – I mean, isn’t it disrespectful? The spooky environment and deserted plot with dozens of solid slabs to lean against or hide behind, can be a perfectly kinky setting for a sexually experimental pair.

The fact that it is taboo is reason enough for some, and they find something sexy about the vampire fantasy. Although it can seem morbid, a graveyard can actually be a beautiful, serene place, with nice scenery and a kind of seclusion that allows for a change in your sex routine.

Retirement home

There are vulnerable, older people, probably some questionable smells, and a vibe that is more scrabble than sexy, yet some people still decide to have sex in a retirement home. Picture the scene: You are volunteering, you meet a fellow volunteer who scrapes a seven out of ten after a few drinks, and you think, “Why not? Passes some time!”


Going back to sex outside of four walls, rooftop sex can certainly feel liberating, and somewhat risky if the rooftop happens to be one on an office building. Often spontaneous, and easier if you are wearing a skirt or dress, this is one sexual experience with a view. Drink it in while you get down to it, and surrender to the moment as the world passes you by.

Ferris wheel

Ever fancied having a ride on a ride? Another one where you face an exhilarating trip simply knowing that someone else could see you, whilst you get a thrill of getting hot and sweaty above the city rooftops.

In 2000 when the London Eye first opened, tabloids announced a ‘Mile Eye Club’ was on the horizon after two teenagers were caught in the act on the giant ferris wheel.

We know that doing it in the bed is bloody great, but there are some crazy places to have sex that can make it even hotter. Have you tried any of the above, or have any places you think can top these for the weird factor? Let us know in the comments.