For some, a relationship may feel incomplete if they are not sexually compatible. A relationship has many dimensions, with a healthy sex life being just one. Being able to grow sexually with someone can be very exciting, and here are ten signs you are successfully there (or on the way):

You smile just thinking about them

How you feel when you’re away from someone is very telling to how much of a connection you have. If you’re pining for their touch and they start popping up in your provocative dreams, you probably have a healthy sex life.

You make each other feel wanted

Feeling beautiful and desired is very important for sexual confidence, as the better you feel about yourself, the more likely you are to want to continue exploring things with your partner. If the way your partner looks at you, touches you, and makes you feel turns you on, this will turn them on, and the cycle continues.

You can talk it out

Being able to talk about sex should never feel cringe or awkward with a partner – before, during, or after. Be honest about your sexual desires and fantasies with your partner and trust them to respect and understand you.

You can communicate without words

Although being able to speak is vital, if you’re close enough to your partner you will often find that you know what each other is thinking without having to say it. You have communication locked down if you can look your partner in the eye and both know that sex is on the cards.

You don’t take yourselves too seriously

Sex is supposed to be sexy but often things go wrong or a funny situation can arise. If you just accept that things happen instead of being mortified, and you laugh together at dumb accidents, there is less pressure and a deeper connection.

You get aroused quickly

You know you work well together when you are both ready to go at a moment’s notice. If they just have to give you a look, be wearing something to arouse you, or kiss you tenderly for you to melt, you could be sexually in tune.

You please each other

Sex isn’t all ‘me, me, me’ and if it is, you’d find it hard to be sexually compatible with anybody. Both partners need to feel fulfilled by the time it’s all wrapped up, so if you take the time to have open communication, and are never selfish in the bedroom, your sexual chemistry will continue to blossom.

You touch outside of the bedroom

This doesn’t mean you touch in the garden or the kitchen (though you can do if you like), but rather that you are still close away from your sex life. If you cuddle up on the sofa, run your fingers through their hair, and are generally affectionate in everyday life, you will have a smoother transition into sexual chemistry. Being constantly physical in little ways will strengthen your bond.

You get adventurous

Sexuality is an ever changing thing, and routines should get switched up as time goes on. As said before, being open about different interests in the bedroom is beneficial to your sexual chemistry as you experiment together, mess around, surprise each other, and never get bored.

You have a similar libido

Matching libidos is the icing on the cake when it comes to sexual compatibility, and it makes everything easier. It means one person isn’t hassling the other for sex, and one person isn’t succumbing to the pressure just to please their partner. It just comes naturally and you’re both perfectly satisfied with your intimacy levels.

Sexual chemistry is very important to a lasting, satisfying relationship, yet it is still important to note that it often won’t make or break a relationship. It is only one factor of a harmonious pairing, and if sex sometimes doesn’t feel effortless – that is completely normal. The more you connect with your long-term partner, the more your sexual chemistry will grow over time.