A new map has revealed the sex toy capital of the UK, as a brand new survey uncovers sex toy preference, duration of use and much more.

According to results from a new survey of 7,500 people by an online sex toy retailer, the most popular region for sex toy ownership was the North East of England, followed by the West Midlands, East of England and Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.

Oxford is the sex capital of the UK, followed by Crawley, Durham, Chester and Edinburgh, whereas sex toy ownership is lowest in Dundee, Maidstone and Trio.

These are the ten places where sex toys are most popular in the UK:

  1. Oxford
  2. Crawley
  3. Durham
  4. Chester
  5. Edinburgh
  6. Walsall
  7. Birmingham
  8. Cambridge
  9. Carlisle
  10. Lincoln

44 percent of those polled chose the traditional vibrator as their favourite sex toy. The dildo came in second, followed by rabbit vibrators, wand vibrators and love eggs.

A third of the users reported playing with their sex toys for 10 minutes during sex, one in six for five minutes, a quarter for 15 minutes and one in seven for 30 minutes.

Three quarters of those surveyed said that they use their dildo the most at night time, six percent in the morning, and 19 percent during the day.

The most common place to use sex toys is in the bedroom, with other popular places including the kitchen, living room and bathroom.

One in eight of the respondents claimed to have used a double ended dildo, with 29 percent admitting that they would like to try one.