Students spend all their time in the library with their head in a book, right? Wrong! It seems that some solo play and the big O is certainly required to fuel students’ brains, or simply to procrastinate.

So where in the UK are students buying sex toys in bulk? It may be surprising but prestigious and oldest institution, Oxford University, has nailed the top spot.

The university spends a total of £11,266 on sex toys, bondage gear and lingerie. Who knew that in between the boat races and hard work this would really hit the spot?

Here are the top 20 universities where students spend the most on sex toys, according to lingerie store Ann Summers:

1. University of Oxford (£11,266) 
2. University of Cambridge (£9,410)
3. University of Leeds (£8,633)
4. University of Manchester (£8549)
5. University of Liverpool (£7,128)
6. Aberystwyth University (£6,867) 
7. University of Southampton (£6,733)
8. Lancaster University (£6,667) 
9. University of Durham (£6,653) 
10. University of York (£6,615) 
11. Cardiff University (£6,278) 
12. University of Sussex (£6,059)
13. University of Kent (£5,970) 
14. University of Sheffield (£5,928) 
15. University of East Anglia (£5,515) 
16. Oxford Brookes University (£5,242) 
17. Swansea University (£5,910) 
18. University of Nottingham (£4,897) 
19. Surrey University (£4,830) 
20. University of Hertfordshire (£4,791) 

Oxford students are spending just £200 less than a year’s tuition fees! It was also revealed that the most popular time to sex toy shop is between 9-11pm.

Four of the five top-rated universities made the top of the table, data which Ann Summers suggests may link intelligence to sex drive, referencing a study which claims “sex can actually help you develop stronger cognitive skills, including verbal fluency, number sequencing and recall.”

University of Manchester politics and sociology student Heather Proctor told The Mancunian: “The idea that this shows that intelligent people have a higher sex drive is interesting because it’s in complete contrast to the media narrative of uneducated, working class women being ‘breeders’ who pop out babies all the time having a high sex drive.”

Interestingly, students at the University of Manchester fell highly at forth in the list of highest spenders, however were 18th in terms of site visits, signalling a bunch of students who know what they want and are looking for when they shop for sex toys!

A sexpert at the household pleasure company said: “It’s interesting that spending is highest at the top universities, but we’ve found that it’s not just students’ attitudes to sex toys that are changing. All over the UK, people are becoming much more relaxed and empowered in their sexuality.”