When you wake up after an eventful night before, there is a big decision: should you/they stay or go? You have to really gage what the other person is thinking and try and read the signs, and it is something many people dread.

You want the whole experience to be good, from the moment you lock eyes in a busy bar to the moment you part ways, but will you indulge in round two, do the stride of pride, or stick around and watch films all day?

Do you wake up in each other’s arms and feel kinda nice that way? Or when you wake up do cuddles commence and you even find yourselves kissing with morning breath? If the signs are good, you might enjoy some morning sex.

It should be obvious if this is not on the agenda, for example if they are cold with you or blatantly tell you they are not a morning person.

You might like them but be keen not to rush into things, therefore a good idea can be to enjoy some breakfast together, have some much needed caffeine, give them a kiss on the cheek and call it a day, hopefully leaving them wanting more.

If you don’t want to look too keen, don’t stay past midday and risk overstaying your welcome. It will also give off the impression that you have a good life and you have important things to do.

Pretending to have an early work meeting and using a fake name are just some of the ways Brits try to get away from a partner the morning after.

A poll of 2000 17-35 year-olds has revealed what techniques are used to escape after sleeping with someone you don’t intend on seeing again.

The tricks range from ordering a taxi, walking them to a bus stop and even starting to hoover your house.

43% of Brits polled reported giving them a kiss on the cheek as being good ‘morning after etiquette’ and cited offering a cup of tea as the pinnacle of good manners.

Remember if it was just a casual hook up, there is no problem with enjoying it for what it is, skipping the breakfast and small talk and instead heading out for brunch to gossip about it with a friend.

You both should communicate how you feel, and when in doubt, get out.