Most people report having a fetish, and as you know, they are nothing to be ashamed of. One common but sometimes unspoken fetish is the foot fetish, which sex expert Coleen Singer defines as, “a heightened and specific sexual interest in feet and/or footwear. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts, and is more prevalent in men than women.”

If you find that seeing a bare foot can cause just as intense or even more erotic emotions as seeing a person naked, you may also have this fetish. The more you can learn about your foot fetish, the more empowered you will be to act on it, and even incorporate it into your sex life. Here’s why:

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Causes of a foot fetish vary from no specific reason, a desire to be submissive, or the fetish may have developed in response to an early erotic experience with feet that lead to the association – but whatever the cause, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy this sexual quirk and why it cannot become an important part of your sexual pleasure and routine.